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2ml Cheek Filler Before and After

If you are considering getting a filler treatment, you might be wondering if 2ml of cheek filler is right for you. The answer to this question is yes. This procedure can enhance the shape of the cheeks, add volume, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results vary, depending on the type of facial features and the condition of the skin. Read on to learn more.

Before undergoing a filler procedure, you must consult with a qualified provider. Before your appointment, you must refrain from taking any blood-thinning medication for at least two weeks. This is because dermal filler material dissolves in the skin tissue. Be sure to tell your provider if you’re taking prescription blood thinners or any other medication. The doctor may require a brief break from your treatment before you can drive home.

A dermal filler can last for six to 18 months. The amount needed varies with the product, but usually, 2ml is enough for most people. Your doctor can adjust the dosage as needed for a natural appearance. The most common dermal filler is Hyaluronic acid, which is nature’s most versatile substance. It provides skin with volume and a youthful look. It costs around $682 per syringe.


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