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7 of the Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks

In the current economic climate, investing in health-care companies can be an excellent way to generate income. Many of the largest healthcare companies in the U.S. are profitable and have the potential to increase their dividends. Here Densipaper are 7 healthcare dividend stocks that are reasonably valued and should provide investors with high returns in the next five years. These companies are included on the Dividend Achievers List, which contains stocks with a track record of 10 consecutive dividend increases or lifestylemission more.

Dividend yields aren’t the only consideration when choosing a stock to invest in. The quality of the dividend program is equally important. Companies with a high dividend payout ratio are worth considering. A Spanish pharmaceutical company, Grifols, offers an 8% dividend yield. Other health care companies that provide excellent dividend yields are Omega Healthcare Investor and National Health Investor. However, dividend yield isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a health care dividend stock. While dividend yield is an important part of the decision process, you should consider a company’s ability to fund its dividend program. For example, Medical Property Trust has a lower dividend payout ratio than the Healthcare sector’s other major players getliker.

While West Pharmaceutical Services magazines2day may not be the best healthcare dividend stock, its payout has exceeded other large health companies. Since 2001, the company has returned 1,980% of its value to investors. If you want a healthcare stock with a history of dividend increases, look no further than Aetna, the largest health insurer in the U.S. Aetna began selling life insurance in 1853 and now ventsmagazine provides health insurance to 47 million Americans.

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