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Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

  • If you’re not using the sun for your indoor plants, consider grow lights. They replicate the spectrum of light that the sun provides. While some light bulbs emit a particular color of light, the majority of grow lights are designed to simulate the spectrum of light that the sun gives to plants. Whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, or houseplants, full spectrum bulbs will help your plants grow to their full potential. Grow Light Fixtures come in a wide variety of color spectrums and power consumption.

LED plant lights come in many different shapes and sizes. The traditional LED bulb is called the ‘Dual In-Line Package’ (DIP). These lights have a limited power output and are not designed to be used in grow lights with cooling technologies. While many grow lights are still made using DIP LEDs, DIPs are not used by serious growers. You can still find grow lights with these bulbs, but they will need a fan to cool off.

You should also consider using inter-lighting to bring light to the lower parts of the plant canopy. This technique increases fruit and vegetable yields. To achieve inter-lighting, you should look for lights that use the least amount of energy and emit as little heat as possible. This is the most effective method for inter-lighting, but only if the lights are efficient and emit less heat than the plant can tolerate. Once your plants reach their canopy, they can’t fully utilize their photosynthetic ability and will lose energy competing with other plants.

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