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How Often Should You Let Your Car Rest on a Road Trip?

If you’ve ever driven long distances, you’ve likely wondered, “How often should I let my car rest?” You may have even thought about skipping rest stops entirely. Fortunately, long distances are generally safe. Even so, there are still times when it would be a good idea to take a break, like at a rest area. The key is to keep in mind that your car will need rest and not just a nap.

The length of the road trip will depend on a number of factors. For example, if you have young children or pets, it may be best to avoid longer trips altogether. Likewise, if you’re traveling with a business partner or family member, you might have to schedule your breaks around a wedding or event. In each case, the length of the road trip will depend on your personal circumstances, but a few hours each day is generally recommended.

If your car is in good mechanical condition, you don’t need to let it rest on a long road trip. However, if you’re traveling long distances, you should stop every two hours for 15 minutes. In addition, drivers should also take breaks so that they don’t get fatigued while driving. Keeping track of your car’s temperature can help you avoid getting into an accident.

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