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Jobs Abroad With Accommodation No Experience

If you’re looking for jobs abroad with accommodation no experience, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of different ways to get started and no prior experience is required. Some of the most common options are caretaking, manual labor, and hostel work. All of these options typically come with free accommodation. Moreover, they allow you to build relationships with locals, who are eager to hire you. Ultimately, these opportunities will help you experience a whole new culture and live the dream of working abroad.

You can also become an Aupair, or live-in nanny. These positions usually require no experience or education, but do require a loving attitude and flexibility. Many jobs abroad are unskilled labor, so you won’t need a degree to get started. For example, you can find employment as an au pair in New Zealand or Australia, where many young US citizens can get a working holiday visa. Other common opportunities include fruit picking and basic farming.

Many hostels seek English-speaking staff during the summer or winter months, when tourism is high. The seasons will determine the peak tourist season in each destination, but summer and winter are the most popular times for tourism. You may be required to work at reception, wash dishes in a restaurant, or help with housekeeping. If you’re unable to find a job abroad, consider working in an English-speaking hotel or hostel.

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