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The Future of Identity

The future of identity is here, and it’s not all about biometrics. We live in a digital and physical world, so identity has to move seamlessly between the two. A new IBM study looks at how people are using identity to access new services. The study surveyed 4,000 adults in three regions to identify trends. In one area, the concept of the Known Traveller Digital Identity is already being tested in Canada. Travelers can share biometric information and travel documents in advance, giving security authorities more time to pre-screen individuals. Although convenience may be an advantage, security is a higher priority.

But it is important to note that an innovative approach to identity verification must be based on a trusted technical system. The future of identity in 2025 will revolve around identity services and identification. The key concepts of identity verification will be “identity proofing,” identity management, and digital identity. Here are some possible solutions:

The future of identity needs to meet four pillars: consumer, government, and business. Consumers want convenience, privacy, and access, while businesses and governments need compliance and security. Identity should supercharge in these three areas to meet these needs. The key shift will be from centralized to user-controlled systems. The government needs to play an important role in protecting the future of identity, and it should be an active backstop for the ecosystem.

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