The Percentage of Investors Who Regret Investing in Crypto

According to a recent survey, one out of five US adults has either invested in crypto or traded in it. While digital assets continue to gain in popularity, lawmakers are warning the public about their risks. The survey found that half of men aged 18-49 have dabbled in crypto, while only 20% of women do stylishster. Among 18-34 year olds, crypto is the asset class most appealing to them. Millennials and Gen Z have the highest interest in the asset class, at 43%.

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More than half of cryptocurrency owners say they support government regulation, with 21% indicating they don’t know enough about the topic to give an answer. Despite the lack of understanding, interest in crypto continues to grow scooptimes. The survey also found that over a fifth of American adults would consider investing in cryptocurrency if it were possible to store their funds in a bank account. Despite these concerns, however, there’s a bright side to the current cryptocurrency investment trend jmdhindi.

A survey of young Americans showed that the percentage of investors who regret investing in crypto varies by age. Millennials are the most expotab likely to say they didn’t do any research before investing, while Gen Xers are the least likely to admit they did some research before investing. The survey also revealed that only 39% of millennials are willing to share their investment decision with others. Of the millennials and Gen Xers, however, admit that they didn’t research their cryptocurrency investments and chose a crypto for no particular reason newsintv.

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